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Less common...

Less common...

Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you!

We were all ready to head south to Albury this weekend for Gardenesque. However the weather had other ideas. The postponement of the Fair means we have stock that was grown specifically for Gardenesque now available on our website. Some of these plants are less common or rarely offered and we only have small batches for sale.

Ratibida columnifera 'Red Midget'

This plant is fun. Deep red mahogany flowers with a prominent central cone and petals that droop down make for a spectacular sight. It is long blooming, low maintenance and covered in blooms to 40cm in height. The foliage is mid green and finely cut. 'Red Midget' enjoys full sun and tolerates a wide range of soils. Grows really well in amongst smaller ornamental grasses.


Hylotelephium (Sedum) spectabile 'Iceberg'

'Iceberg' is an older variety of Sedum. It provides a bright white flower in Autumn and is very striking when planted with rich purples, oranges or reds that flower around the same time. Pale, mint green fleshy leaves pop through the ground from winter dormant clumps in early spring, reaching around 40cm in height. A very rewarding plant that can handle drier sunny parts of any garden. Attractive to bees and butterflies.


Nepeta racemosa 'Felix'

'Felix' is a recently released catmint which has richer, deeper violet blue flowers over a longer period of time. At 30cm in height it is a more compact grower and doesn't flop like some other varieties. 'Felix' is perfectly happy in sandy, stoney, gravelly or poor soils and enjoys drier conditions. However, soils that are prone to water logging will quickly suffocate Nepeta. Prune back after flowering for a repeat performance. 


Ligularia dentata 'Pandora'

The deep purple foliage on this newer release Ligularia is particularly eye catching. Yellow orange daisy-like flowers emerge in Summer, contrasting with the foliage. Exceptional in raised beds or containers. Enjoys being planted in soil that remains moist and out of the extreme heat of direct Summer sun. 40 x 40cm. 


Panicum virgatum 'Rotstrahlbusch'

Red Beam Switch Grass. At one point in time this was the only Panicum we grew. Now there are many moire, yet we still grow this variety as it deserves a space in our gardens. It differs from other Panicums in that it's foliage turns a true red at the ends in Autumn. At around 1m in height, 'Rotstrahlbusch' flowers with seed heads that stand above the foliage and have the appearance of little sparklers especially when covered in dew.


Ceratostigma griffithii

Burmese Plumbago. Vivid blue flowers in late Summer and Autumn on a well rounded bush. The leaves are slightly bristly to touch and turn a rich plum colour as colder Autumn weather arrives. Drought tolerant. Sun loving but can also handle some shade. Makes a pleasing sight when grown with dark leaved Ajuga and Iris japonica Variegata. 60cm tall and 80cm wide. 


Teucrium betonicum

Madeira Germander is a plant we have grown for some time without venturing to propagate it - until now. It is a great small evergreen shrub to 80cm with scallop edged apple green leaves. Attractive even without flowers. Through late Spring and Summer upright 10cm tall spikes of rose violet flowers appear. A stunning floral display. Enjoys full sun and (as with all Teucrium) well drained soil. Can handle dry periods to the point of being able to become Summer dormant. A great plant that should be used in the landscape more regularly.


Punica granatum 'Double Orange'

An insanely double hot orange congested flower. Grow it purely for the intensity of colour. Not a prolific producer of fruit - maybe some will form, maybe not. Grows to about 2m high with a multi-trunked vase shape. The glossy green leaves turn colour in Autumn to an electric yellow before falling off. 'Tough as an old boot'. The only requirement is an adequately drained position. Drought, frost, heat and wind tolerant. 


Salvia leucantha 'Velour Pink'

A soft pink flowering form of the ever popular Salvia leucantha. Happy to be grown in most soil types given they are well drained. Enjoys a full sun position and can handle relatively dry conditions. Hard frosts may be detrimental. Flowers in Summer and Autumn. Great for coastal gardens, inner city dwelling and country areas. We find the subtle pink flowers particularly pleasing when planted with strong purple flowers and silver foliage. 1m x 1m. 


Sedum 'Autumn Blush'

When we first bought 'Autumn Blush' we weren't certain of its qualities in comparison to the better known 'Autumn Joy'. However, over years of trials the smaller and tighter growth of 'Autumn Blush' have brought it to our attention. Beautiful in all stages of flowering, from the apple-green buds to the copper seed heads in Autumn. This Sedum is definitely worth growing.


Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit'

'Cheyenne Spirit' is a multi award winning Echinacea including an All American Selections Award in 2013 and Europe's FleuroSelect Gold Medal Award for Garden Performance. It is a well branched sturdy coneflower that flowers in a variety of colours including purple, pink, red, yellow and cream. Grows to approximately 60cm tall x 60cm wide. Requires well drained soil and full sun. Needs to be split every 3-4 years. 

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